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“FIRSTLIES” is the place to find the perfect accessory for your next adventure. Our founding mission was to help each and every person find the hat that empowers them for their next journey. After the construction of our flagship store, we've been growing and evolving this mission along with our collection. Hats from Bufote have a sleek but stand out look, durable enough for safaris and stylish enough for dinner dates. Our hatmakers are dedicated to their craft, utilizing premium materials such as 100% merino wool to create hats that are classic yet modern. We make hats for road warriors, go getters, and world travelers. Our hats are adaptable to any climate, light enough for sunny skies and durable enough for rainy days.


The wool pork pie is made of 100% wool felt, providing a smooth and supple feel. This hat is finished with a grosgrain hat band and decorative feather accent.

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